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Weaving. Tools and Materials

Carpets have long made mostly on horizontal looms that were in almost every village hut. For the manufacture of carpets and tapestries need the following tools and materials: machine (vertical or horizontal) or frame, wooden hammer or a large fork punchings decks and yarn.

Handmade carpet based on the intersection of warp.

For foundations are cotton or linen yarn dyed raw not (base not involved in the composition of color of a carpet). Use a variety of yarn - wool, silk, linen, sisal (sisal fiber Cuban plants), various synthetic yarn. Color weave as "veiled" completely covers the warp. Colored threads that weave a certain scheme different weaves, form drawing.

Before you get started, you need to determine what kind of yarn colors needed and how it should be each color. Approximately 1 m2 lint-free rug or tapestry need 1200 g of yarn. Then prepare the machine frame or for the manufacture of the product.

The large-sized products - carpets, tapestries, paths weave advisable to vertical or horizontal loom, and small (mini tapestries) - on the frame.

The frame is made of dry, hard wood. The upper and lower plate stuffed nails in two rows in a checkerboard pattern. If conditional on each plate at the bottom and top of the numbered nails, in the first row are paired, and the second - odd. Warp need to pull even and odd nails.

Vertical machines provide a great opportunity to work in the most difficult techniques, apply various raw materials and products to create highly. Fundamentally vertical machine is different from the frame, but the foundation is usually scurry so that it can be moved as needed from the top down, depending on the degree of product performance. The end of the warp is fixed at the beginning of the free horizontal strips, throw back the thread below, pick up, throw over the top horizontal machine, lower down, covering a narrow horizontal bar again throw up, throw down, stretching up again and again include a free bar, lift up and down again. Then the process is repeated. In vertical machines commonly used device for lifting of the yarn (lower) foundations for better education throat.

Horizontal machines are more complex in design. Pictures of products manufactured on horizontal looms, always simplified geometric nature. It is combined with multi-colored ducks basis posed by warping, across the width of the foundations of gaining a certain amount of colored yarn.

The main difference from the vertical machine is in a horizontal basis "works" in a horizontal position. On this machine can produce a wide range of products - rugs, bedspreads, tablecloths, runners.

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