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Technics Hutsul embroidery

Riches of Hutsul embroidery even demonstrated in a variety of technical performance. Vladimir Shukhevych in his fundamental work "Huzulschyna" takes 12 Hutsul embroidery techniques: embroidery two kinds of feather stitch, network, obmitka, pigtail, stitch "back needle" ("stick") shtapivka ("grid") nastyluvannya ("Sosnivka" ) ("X"), bilateral feather stitch ("braided cord", "with network-Circus").

A common technique of embroidery - embroidery. Probably none of all embroidery techniques over the years has not experienced such a complex process of crystallization of artistic and stylistic canons as Lo.

This technique inherent high artistic and technical skill. The old embroidery motifs circuit always performed with black thread, and the uzir, pattern and background - color. Local art feature Hutsul embroidery - a polychromatic and ornamental decision.

An outstanding feature is its Hutsul embroidery geometric pattern. It includes simple motifs and complex shaped elements, motifs - complexes. This diamond napivromb differently combined horizontally or vertically.

In diamond, common in traditional geometric patterns Hutsul embroidery Square, Triangle, Circle, kosopodibna figure, crosses, teeth, hair, meander, network and so on. These basic geometric shapes create different combinations tape composition. These motifs are known in the art of the Eastern Slavs already in the X - XIII centuries.

One of them - a geometrization plant and other forms of visual and geometric motifs transformation into images of people, animals, birds, plants and more.

In Hutsul embroidery preserved geometrical anthropomorphic, zoomorphic motifs. They can be seen at the top of women's clothing embroidery: to serdakah, keptaryah, housings and Google.

A typical composition Hutsul embroidery is different in width tape strips, a report of which consists of one, two or more reasons. They are strictly symmetrical, according to the ornamental mesh created with complex vertical, horizontal, oblique, lines and curves that establish appropriate fancy rhythms.

The following light ribbon embroidery compositions are local stitching clothes separate parts: serdakiv sleeves, casings, manta rays, trouser leg bottom, sides, socks, kapchuriv.

Monumental sound tape out two or three-row composition in peremitochnyh pattern and sleeves women's and men's shirts.

For Hutsul characterize the square rosette and composition with numerous variations of contour frame. Considered kinds of embroideries reveal a complex system of ornamentation, characteristic of a particular technique, material and purpose
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