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Sale of furniture sets from a vine is becoming increasingly popular at the expense of environmentally friendly materials and high quality every year.

Such furniture can safely be placed in saunas and pools, because it is resistant to moisture and can withstand high temperatures.

Also, furniture can be installed in the nature and in gazebos. Despite the ease, these furniture can withstand huge loads, and the technology used when connecting parts provides a sufficient rigidity and high wear resistance products. We present you a wide selection of wicker furniture from the wick at the lowest prices in our store showcases.

A set of furniture

Set of furniture «Soft №1»


Furniture set «Soft number 2»


Set of children № 1


Two small lounge chairs + a round table


A set of furniture «Rest»


Set of children № 2


For tea

Вибір розміру

Set of furniture «For the balcony»

Вибір розміру

Set of furniture «Coffee»

Вибір розміру

Set of furniture «Kitchen with square stools»


A set of furniture «Kitchen with round stools»


Set of furniture «Kitchen with dark stools»


Set with Stools # 1


Set with stools № 2


Set of furniture «Tourist»


Set with stools number 3


Set of furniture «Relax»

Вибір стилю

Set of furniture «Royal Stools»


Set of furniture «Soft № 3»


Set of furniture «Soft number 4»


A set of furniture «Rest + table mushroom»


Set of furniture «Ordinary»


A set of furniture «Slovak»

Вибір розміру

Set of furniture "For Two"

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