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Among all types of arts and crafts, wood carving is a favorite and common among the people.

Specific socio-economic, historical and geographical conditions led to the creation of original types of decorative art, distinguished it among other cells of folk art in Ukraine. Rich natural reserves of wood contributed to the wide development of the carver, which has today become perhaps the most popular and
favorite crafts of local craftsmen.

Art processing of a tree is numerous products from it, various in forms, technical means of performance and dressing. The household purpose determined the character of the artistic and technical methods of wood processing. For a long time, the Hutsul carvers were famous for their perfect professional craftsmanship in the creation of products of different nature, ranging from furniture to small household items.

From household items in the Hutsul region were decorated with carvings chests, beds, bowls, shelves, dishes (bowls, rakhv-maslichitsi, barrels, flasks, bottles), household goods (vases, tarnitsi saddles, Kushka, kisyaty), architectural parts (doors , shoals, beams) and objects that are different in purpose (sticks, hatchets, pistols, guns).

Wood carving

Casket carved «Flower»


The box is decorated with «Traditsiy13»


Casket carved «Traditional14»


Casket carved «Traditional18»


Casket carved «Traditional11»


Casket carved «Dawn»


Casket carved «Traditional 9»


Casket carved «Traditional 10»


Casket carved «Traditional 20»


Casket carved «Carpathians"»


Easter eggs are carved


Casket casket carved «Traditional 23"»


Casket carved «Schweisick»


Casket carved «Traditional 3»


Casket carved «Traditional 5»


Casket carved «Traditional 7»


Casket carved «Traditional 8»


Casket carved «Traditional 21»


Casket carved «Traditional 15»


Casket carved «Traditional 17"»


Casket carved «Traditional 22»


Casket carved «Traditional 19»


Casket carved «Traditional 4»


Casket carved «Traditional 1»

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