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Ornamental Dish «JERUSALEM SPRING 2002»

Ornamental Easter Dish

Ornamental Plate 2010

Ornamental dish «ZA BAYRAKOM BAYRAK»

Ornamental Dish «Christmas Pava»

Ornamental dish «2006»

Ornamental Dish «Our Color»

Ornamental dish «Holhofa»

amental Dish «Cossack Mamay»

Plate «We Go to Bethlehem»

Plate «Easter Song»

Plate «Good Word»

ТPlate «In the crazy grove»

Plate «12 Apostles»

Plate «Bird»

Plate «Easter»



Slicing board

Дощечка для нарізання

Set «Dining»


Casket carved «Flower»


The box is decorated with «Traditsiy13»


Casket carved «Traditional14»


Casket carved «Traditional18»


Pidstavka z yalivtsyu

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Specific socio-economic, historical and geographical conditions contributed to the creation of distinct types of decorative art Hutsul pick him among the branches of folk art in Ukraine.

Rich natural timber resources contributed to the development of a broad carving, which was now almost the most popular and most beloved artistic crafts of local artists.Artistic wood - it numerous articles thereof, variety of forms, equipment performance and dekoruvannya.Pobutove purpose determined the nature of their art and techniques of woodworking. Already long Hutsul famous carvers perfect professional skills create different nature of products ranging from furniture and ending with small household things.With items for home use Hutsulia prykrashuvalysya thread chests, beds, mysnyky, shelves, kitchen utensils (bowls, rahvy-maselnytsi, barrel, versatile, bottle), household use products (vases, tarnytsi-saddle Kushka) and architectural parts (door jambs , beam) and items for different purposes (sticks, axes, pistols, shotguns, etc.).

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