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Ax "Hutsul"


Bag ladies 28


Bag of Hutsul «Koloskova"»


Bag of women's Hutsul


Breast decoration «Zgarda Hutsul 1»


Breast decoration «Zgarda Hutsul 2»


Breast decoration «Zgarda Hutsul»


Champaign "Hutsul Pletinkа"


Cheprags are Hutsul




Cheprahy 1


Cheprahy 2


Cheprahy 3


Cheres «Chas»


Cheres «Festive»


Cheres «Three buckles»


Cheres «Two buckles»


Chestpiece "Zgarda 021"


Chestpiece «Zgarda 011»


Chestpiece «Zgarda 012»


Chestpiece «Zgarda 013»


Chestpiece «Zgarda 014»


Chestpiece «Zgarda 015»


Chestpiece «Zgarda 016»

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Traditional clothing hutsuls characterized picturesque and colorful.DSCN4811
Men wear a white shirt included its own making, embroidered on the front, fired on the pants - "portinytsyah" of black or colored in red dress - winter white wool "ґachah" wide belt girded "purse" - with different decorations, and pressing "darmovysamy ". Over the shirt worn "keptar" that were actually sleeveless coats, embroidered with copper colored Lake Safyany and mosyazhnymy Chapel and buttons, often decorated with colored volichkoyu.

For leather shoes ruled khodaky-shoes, tied "portage" put feet on wool stockings - "kapchury" braided colored volichkoyu. Constantly wearing leather bag - "tobivky" that perevishuvaly shoulder, they always decorated and mosyazhnymy pressing buttons.

Headdress could be black kresanya with "halonom" trisunkamy and pavamy. In kyptar wore serdak - "baybarak" with black cloth or krashenoho also decorated with stripes and a bit of variety.

Young always were carrying a hatchet-Bartko, or "kelef" differently scratched. Older men took with them stick - "klyebuka." Previously, almost every guest to the purse (wide belt folding) were pistols with carved handle, were carved from deer horn powder over one shoulder and through the second wore a gun-gun.

Women's Clothing.
Women's suit Huzuls was even more colorful and complex than the male. There was adopted to cover his head in girls, they spit in uplitaly yellow "poplitky" with mosyazhnymy "bovtytsyamy." Element female pryklas was also their cauls.
In women's shirts were embroidered "shoulders", also covered with embroidered sleeves - later "bratsari." Kyptaryky were different stripes or haftovani on top of them wore richly decorated serdaky. Dominated by red and black colors with applications of yellow, green, blue and pink sometimes.

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