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Постоли «Чоловічі»
Постоли «Чоловічі»
Постоли «Чоловічі»

Postoly of "Men's"


Product SKU: Lych-30

Original leather handbags. Technique of execution: weaving, burning. The deadline for ordering is 14 days.

 Making Hutsul dishes requires a lot of experience and great effort.

Soles are made from calf skin, which requires a sufficiently long processing. Suffice it to say that the leather for stains is soaked for a year in a solution of salty water with the addition of a smoke crust, with every two weeks the solution should be changed.

For sinking use wooden, and recently also plastic tubs.

Only after the skin is ready, the manufacture of the stomach begins.

You can imagine what patience and perseverance are required to perform such work!

In case of bulk purchases - individual prices! from 5 pairs.


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