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Stpysynka 15

Wooden Easter egg 15


Product SKU: Stpysynka 15

Handmade. Technique of performance: wood carving. Delivery time is up to 7 days.

The egg as one of the main symbols of life from ancient pagan times served as an inspiration for the creators of the art of Easter egg. Easter is now given Easter eggs on the Christian tradition. Since ancient times, Easter eggs have been painted with different colors and patterns that carry deep meaning. In the modern world there are many different Easter eggs from all sorts of materials, and people from all over the world continue to paint eggs.
We offer to your attention a pysanka in the form of a casket carved out of Carpathian wood. It has dimensions 12x5 cm and is executed using the technique of dry Hutsul thread. The wooden egg is a beautiful pysanka, and a convenient casket in which you can store small things, for example, jewelry.
The Pysanka on the stand is a great gift and a souvenir, a place that you can easily find in any house. For specialty there is a special offer: when buying wholesale (10-20 pieces or more) it is possible to save, as the price for wholesalers is much lower.

At the time of order, the selected product may already be sold in a real store.The payment must be made after the order is placed and after the manager will contact you. The manager will call you back, confirm the completeness of the order and specify the details.


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