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Сумка гуцульська тобівка «Косів»
Сумка гуцульська тобівка «Косів»
Сумка гуцульська тобівка «Косів»
Сумка гуцульська тобівка «Косів»
Сумка гуцульська тобівка «Косів»

The bag of Hutsul «Kosiv»


Product SKU: Plikh22

An integral accessory of this Hutsul. The bag is made of natural high-quality leather, decorated with metal brass. The deadline for ordering is 14 days.

A sack-sack "Sunny" - will be a decoration of the wardrobe of any woman or man. Thanks to its rounded shape and original design, the bag is very user-friendly. On its own scale, the tobacco can easily contain documents, a notebook, a camera and small personal belongings. A bag made of leather of the highest quality, which due to its properties and qualities will reliably protect your things from the negative impact of the environment. The shape of the bag is emphasized by the concentric composition of the decoration, which is laid out with metal engraved circles. With buckles to the bag fastens a pasco, generously decorated with metal. Combined, the bag and the piles form a coherent, ornate-rich composition with a striking combination of texture and light contrasts.


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