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Черес «Гуцульський 5»

Tsheres «Hutsul 5»


Product SKU: Porokh-002

Handmade. Technique of execution: weaving, firmware, stamping, metal decoration. Material: genuine leather. Length under the order. Runtime is 14 days.

The Hutsulian cheres is a wide belt made of yuhte skin, which is an integral part of the traditional festive men's suit of highlanders, with several straps and small pockets, copper or brass buckles, rivets. It is worth noting that all these elements were invented not only for beauty and aesthetics, but for practical reasons, because the Hutsuls used the crosses for the fact that they always had pistols, bullets and gunpowder, toasters and knifes, purses, cradles, tobacco sticks and other Of course, in our time in everyday life worn without the content, but such a beautiful product can become a beautiful gift, as a vivid addition to embroidery.


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