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Жилетка з коміром, синій/білі

Vest with a collar, blue / white


Product SKU: Al-1119-9-1

Blue vest with white collar and white patch pockets. Structure: 100% wool of the Australian merino. Density of a woolen cloth: 380gr. / M2. Delivery time in the presence of 3-5 days.
Вибір розміру

When choosing a size, consider the fit allowance. Measure the volume of the chest and hips (always choose the size of the larger parameter). The product of dense fabrics, choose by adding 5-10 cm, depending on the desired degree of fitting. If you do not want to take measurements on yourself, you can measure your clothes with a material of similar density.

The sizeLength (cm)Width (cm)

At the time of ordering, the selected product may already be sold in a real store. Payment must be made after placing the order and after the manager will contact you. The manager will call you back, confirm the completion of the order and clarify the details.

We want to remind you that the color of the woolen cloth in each batch is different from the previous one. It depends on the natural properties of wool. This is what happens when, for example, the same dye for wool dyes different types of wool differently.
If you are planning to buy a whole range of products of the same color (for example, a jacket, gloves and a hat) and you want the shade of the products to strictly coincide, then it is better to make this purchase at once completely (i.e., if you bought the burgundy jacket now, and in a month cap - shades may vary slightly).
In addition, each monitor transmits a color depending on the settings.



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