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Garten is a traditional jewelry worn in beads from Ukraine. The history of gerdan reaches its roots in Hungary, from where the ancient decorations came to our country. The decoration on the neck is a narrow ribbon with a variety of patterns imprinted on it. Widespread geometric and plant ornaments for gerdan. Such products of beads are of great popularity in Hutsulshchyna. Back in the XIX century, beads actively entered our lives, its influence is felt in Ukrainian folk culture. At all times, it was used for decorations that had the purpose of preserving.
Gherdan, which is otherwise called as silybans, wicker, gerdanka or geradanik, is executed from colored beads, nasnivayutsya on a thread or scallop. From colored beads a colorful ornament is formed. Depending on the area where the smiths are made, the color of the patterns varies.
Without a doubt, this is a national ornament that complements the national Ukrainian costume. Since now it is fashionable to combine ethnic elements with casual clothes, gerdan is very popular among young people.


Gerdan "Zhar-ptytsya"

Gerdan «Svizhoskoshenoyi travy»

Gerdan «Vatra Molfar»

Gerdan «Embroidery»

Sylyanka "Synʹo-zhovta"

Gerdan «Roosters»

Sylyanka "In blue"

Gerdan «Fascinateds»

Gerdan «Bees in a rose garden»

Gerdan «Luxury classics»




Gerdan «Patriotic»

Gerdan «Romashkovyy» z doplitamy

Gerdan «Mint»

Gerdan «Magnolias»

Gerdan «Flower»

Gerdan «The rose of wind»

Gerdan «Ladybugd»

Gerdan «Paradise birds»

Gerdan «Traditional»

Gerdan «Kosmatsʹkyy»


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