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In our online store your chests and drawers from hand-made vines, created by skilled manufacturers, are presented to your attention. Undoubtedly, such original products will be necessary for storing various household items, and in addition, will decorate the interior of any room.

Beautiful, environmentally friendly, comfortable drawers and high quality vineyards are now becoming increasingly popular.

Wicker chests for linen are now popular, because the lingerie that is stored in such a box, breathes, will always have a smell of freshness.

Chests and shelves

Corner corner


Shelf for shoes


Shelf 3 shelves


Shelf 3 shelves 2


Shelf 4 shelves


Drawer with 2 drawers


The dresser is narrow with 3 drawers


Chest of drawers with 3 drawers number 1


Chest of drawers for 3 drawers № 2


Chest of drawers 4


Chest of drawers for 3 drawers and 2 shelves


Chest of drawers for 2 drawers and 2 shelves


The shelf for shoes is large


Chest of drawers for 5 boxes


Chest of drawers for 2 drawers and 3 shelves


Chest of drawers


Chest of drawers with a door and a drawer


The drawer for 3 boxes is wide

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