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Пояс для спини
Пояс для спини
Пояс для спини

Belt to back


Product SKU: Ryb-44

Blankets of wool produced by traditional methods lizhnykarstva Gutsulschiny. The material used in making natural sheep six basis wool and natural dyes natural. Size 150 cm to 30 cm.

In the manufacture of bedspreads and covers for armchairs, wool from sheep grazing on the Carpathian mountain valleys and natural natural colorants are used. In order to get a ready climber, a lot of work needs to be done. First, washed and dried strawed wool, scratched with a special crest, which creates a fluffy ball that looks like a cloud. By the way, blankets and pillows, filled with scarlet wool, contribute to a healthy sleep, because it has the ability to absorb and give the environment up to 30% moisture, without creating a feeling of dampness in the bed.

Chesana wool is easily twisted into threads (evens), from which, then, mainly on homemade knitting machines, produce bedding. There are several traditional patterns that you can find out in which the village was made this bed. So in Yavoriv weave a curved, parquet, Russian with glasses, rainbow, plum and other bedding.

The new product is thrown into a special device - a roller, a huge wooden trunk, narrowed downwards, in which a huge stream of water drops with a huge chute. The stream of water breaks and rapidly rises upwards, forming a whirlpool, in which, for several hours, the spins (hutsuls say - valetytes) bedding. When you stand near the roller, it seems that he was near a large waterfall. During the stay in the roller, the bedding becomes stiff and fluffy. It is said that it is very good when the bedclothes "is tired" in the summer in warm water. Subsequently, it is dried on poles, combed with a brush to loosen the wool.


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