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Leather - sub set of folk crafts engaged in manufacturing of leather, fur and clothing to be used in everyday life and ritual traditions, folklore and as objects of decorative art.

Leather as a part of the complex of folk crafts, depending on the functional purpose leather goods, divided into furriery (production casings, keptariv, caps, etc.) And shevstvo (shoes, boots, shoes).

Hutsul art leather alone everyday. By functionality and method of manufacture can be divided into the following groups:
a) upper garments and fur hats (coats and keptari);
b) shoes (sandals, shoes and boots);
c) addition to clothing (aprons, bags tobivky, wallets, etc.);
d) harness.

Regional features of development and dissemination of national art crafts Hutsul Galician: Author. Thesis. ... Candidate. Geography. Sciences: 11.00.02 / JS Wah; Czerny. nat. University of them. Fedkovych. - Chernivtsi, 2010.

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