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Vesnyanka suit set


Set for the girl «Violet Flowers»


Set for the girl «Red Flower»


Embroidery «Sunflowers»


Blouse «Colorful»


Dress «Brothers»


Mother's Joy Shirt


Tunic «Stasya»


Mother's Flower Shirt


Blouse «Bullfinches»


Shirt tunic «poppies color»


Mother's Joy Shirt


Shirt «Konyushinka»


Shirt «Cornflower color»


Shirt «Sunflowers»


Shirt «Acorns»


Shirt «Two Colors»


Shirt «Dubochka»


Shirt «Ukrainian»


Baby's vest “Red flowers”


Shirt «Hutsulyk»


Shirt «Autumn Leaves»


Shirt «Ukrainian Euro»


Shirt «Blue Eyes»


Artistic embroidery is a subdivision of the complex of folk arts crafts in Hutsulshchyna, which is engaged in the manufacture of interior, household and clothing products for the purpose of their use in ritual traditions, folk art as objects of decorative and applied arts.

Embroidery is a common type of decorative arts, in which the pattern and image is executed manually or by machine method on various fabrics, leather and other materials with linen, cotton, silk, woolen threads, as well as beads, pearls, precious stones, and wallets.

Embroidered shirts, hats, overalls, scarves, captresses, serpents, slippers, cloaks, and also decoration items. Cotton garments are embroidered mainly with linen and woolen hand-stitched threads, and for captresses, serpents, mantle, except for the named yarns, use twine cords; cross stitch embroidered with wool and metal threads; housings - harness ribbons, etc.

Hutsul embroidery is characterized by floral and animal designs.

Ornaments on embroidery can be divided into:

- phytomorphic (plant) ornaments (flowers, leaves, fruits, branches, stems);

- zoomorphic (animal) ornaments (animals or their parts, fish, crayfish, lizards);

- ornithomorphic (bird) ornaments (birds and their parts, insects, beetles).

The embroidery in Hutsulshchyna can be grouped according to the territorial principle of accommodation, namely: embroidery of Kosivshyna, Yaremche district, Nadvirnyanshchyna and Verkhovinshchyna.

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