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Dutka Vasiliy Yakovlevich

Excellence in Education of Ukraine. Member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine, National Speel Artists of Ukraine.
Born March 6, 1965 in the village. Mykolaivka Buchatsky Ternopil region. With (1981-1985 g.) Was trained in Kosiv College of folk crafts them. VI Kasian the Department of Ceramic Art. Graduated (1988-1993) Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts. Among his teachers from the profession - AD Kob'yuk, VF Boychuk, AM purse, V. Dvornik, V. Cherkasov, SM Andrusiv, OP Voloshenko.

Since 1993 teaching at Kosiv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts.

V. Dutka regularly participates in exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, is the author of a bronze statuette "Grand Prix" for the festival named Nazar Yaremchuk (1996).

In 2011 won the competition to design the bust and Polish composer Ignacy Paderewski public figure.

Vasiliy Yakovlevich has great creative achievements known to the public with its exhibitions, catalogs works and publications in print. The author tries only to complement the exhibition of paintings and graphic works by unknown works that are in private collections and museums in Ukraine and the world.

"The picture of Basil Dutka peculiar, especially high compositional discipline, regardless of scalability image.
By the power of intuition and dedication he has created individual vision of life, revealing its different facets in terms of high art. To level issues and painting, he has a unique place in the cultural process of our time. Moral and ethical creed painter and involves further development of its author myths. Refined, elegant nature of his writing enhances semantic paint line in his thoughts from the history and modernity of the visible, imaginary and incomprehensible ... "
Roman Yatsiv, professor of Lviv National Academy of Arts

Yurchushun GM Regional Art and Architecture Carpathians. Part 1. The creative heritage of the artist Basil Dutka: teach. manual / GM Yurchushun. - Ivano-Frankivsk City NV, 2010. - P. 49.
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