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Doll - homemaker

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It is believed that the roots of dolls reaching Tripoli culture, and this - six thousand years BC. The first such dolls made of grass or straw, and later, with the spread of weaving started using fabric and yarn. We can say dolls - is the oldest in the world of a human figure, and even forerunner sculpture.

"The best manages something that is the soul since childhood"

Mediator between generations

Ancient Ukrainian believed that it motanka intermediaries between generations - and those who have passed into the next world, and those who are not yet born. Ukrainians believe that making motanku can ask the Higher Forces rain dnyny good or good news. Saved motanka and from disease. According to many beliefs, sick person giving specially made doll motanku. Once the disease is passed, burned doll, believing that it has adopted over all negative energy. Quite often made dolls for many rituals, they are all intertwined objects or things that people wanted to get rid of. These dolls drowned in water or burned at the stake.

But the main purpose dolls - be guardian of the house, the family. Traditional dolls has no face. It was believed that if given human traits doll face, she can settle evil soul. Instead of human traits in her face did cross - a symbol of the sun, life and new beginnings, which is identified with the very man harmony of physical and spiritual worlds.

Doll-keeper must be prominently displayed

If you bought or made doll in advance, think about a place that you allocate to it. If the doll is designed to promote a love of harmony - in the bedroom, if a doll welfare and social success - in your living room or office. Doll homemaker and family comfort should be in the place where family members often get together. Dolls in no case be hung his head. Best to put her on the stand - so it overlooked the room.

When you make a dollhouse and put in place intended for her, she can "tell" what has come to you. It is not necessary in the presence of dolls keepers swear or sort things out. And do not doll purchased for your home, peredarovuvaty others. However, it may go out of your home harmony.

Tribute traditions


Dolls has long been a talisman of our people. The tradition of producing dolls went back to paganism. Doll intermediaries between the living and those who are in this world or no. It did to left or vice versa, stopped raining. On the other hand, to pick up the disease from humans. Depending on the event made various dolls. If the marriage, dolls made very carefully. Dolls absorbed in Ukrainian formation as a young, did a great wreath or crown on his head, also dolls made sure the young couple - young. When she married, the family man allowed until a newly married no kids, play with the doll, and the more the faster and healthier children will. And when it was born kids, then, of course, the doll was given to her. There was a belief that if children are often long and indulge dolls, the family soon waiting for completion.


Motanka performed exclusively by winding, it has no face and carries the warmth of human hands, love and care, which set up. Symbolic is that dolls are not sewn and made only by means of threads, ribbons, by winding. The needle can only be used in the manufacture of clothing for dolls and in any case not sew anything until Lialia! It can be woven straw or does not use threads when all nodes are fixed architectonic through the material, which is motanka. The Chairman called the "Doll". For her piece of tissue is composed of narrow (such as a belt or edge), and then rolled "rolls" and wrapped cloth.


Dolls should not happen to face. She did not come as a toy but as a sacred thing. She had to call upon the spirit of the dead or unborn person to live, to invite her into the circle of family to the table or to the child being brought up. Our ancestors believed that the doll with some distinct facial features - be it the eyes or mouth - can attach itself to the soul of the one who played it that may be incurred by an unwanted consequences. To dolls became a talisman, you need to put a cross face. Cross has a symbolic value, because it is a sign of the sun, the sign of the spiritual unity of heaven and earth, male and female principles. That is why these dolls are also amulets for families, because they promote harmony in the family, understanding between men and women. Besides, such a cross face you can imagine what you want. In addition, head reeled often-tied grains of wheat. It also gave her sacred significance for grain associated with the dead or unborn souls. When "hide" it alive, sprouts and starts again pulley eternal life. Therefore, motanku associated with notions of life and non-existence, the experience of past generations and their connection to the following generations.


Previously, each girl was able to do this amulet because this girl was treated in the same way responsible as to marriage embroidery towel. Since being made dolls from the materials that were at hand - either straw or old useless things, and dressed in pieces of matter with old clothes mothers and grandmothers, it is not surprising that such a doll made personally sung songs seduced tales, dressed in all his amateur native - was considered a talisman in the family.


The doll should be dressed in bright embroidered shirt, pidyupnyk (or underskirt so-called pebble) and spare tire. All items of clothing are talismans: a skirt symbolizes earth shirt designates three times - past, present and future; the attributes embroidery and beads that represent wealth. There has to be a hat - cap, scarf or ribbon - symbolizing the relationship with the sky.


If the family sick child, then she made a special doll motanku that zmotuvaly from the herb that helps disease - and gave the child - and the game, and healing effect!

In fact, this doll can do all that it takes desire, time and a little imagination. Doll made by hand much kinder and warmer than bought plastic.


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