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Genres and motives Easter eggs


Although common motifs and genres Easter eggs in Hutsulia stanovylysya centuries and are deeply rooted in folk art. But that does not mean that art has a unique pattern of Easter eggs. There's every village, every talented master pysankar, makes this area something different, original, original Hutsul enriching this art form.


In Easter eggs were left now dominant geometric motifs, but along with it each time it appears more domestic and wild birds, various animals, fish, butterflies and more. This is a sign that hutsuly very fascinated in nature and therefore so richly painted Easter eggs figures and images of nature.


In Hutsul Easter eggs often podybuyemo art compositions in which much space featuring intimate domestic scenes and experiences of people; individual processes of agricultural work, hunting in the mountains of the game; grazing, Hutsul fun. In general, the natural environment and way of life are widely hutsuls practice and reflection in this kind of art - Easter eggs.


Typical in this that a human figure and treated folk artists decorative means - plane without special individualization.


Also significant in our times that power by providing a propagandist nature of art in general, and Easter eggs heraldic elements promotes nature as doves, dove for, though, is a symbol of peace. Yet in Easter eggs and still remains at a premium nature - themed Easter eggs depicting the four seasons. Among them is the most popular spring. And it is understandable, because it is the cutest man season: it brings joy, new hopes and aspirations. Earth after a long winter sleep and wakes up covered with luxurious green. The symbols of spring were, and still are, the Easter egg tree branches, wildflowers and generally different Hutsul rich vegetation. These art images very cleverly styled to perfection degree ornamental forms.


Often encounter in Hutsul free drawing Easter eggs colored spots on the surface of eggs, mostly black paint is used here, following the principle of color contrast in art.

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