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Technology of carpet weaving

Woven carpets used a variety of weave, creating beautiful game textures. First and foremost weave - plain when the thread through one warp thread overwrites it is from the top, bottom, forming a small scar. The larger scar is formed when the foundation block every two threads. If one thread of dark color with light alternate thread is formed vertical stripes as columns.

Woolen thread turn a certain color from right to left and vice versa within its area. Thus it can invest perpendicular to the base and obliquely, but then always at an angle of 45 °, otherwise the thread will charge basis and ready carpet deformed.

Colored plane figure that rise up steeper than the angle of 30 °, it is necessary to perform step straight path. Similarly, vertical contours weave "the boundary thread" thread throwing two adjacent colors on the same warp. This is done in two ways: repeating thread by thread, then the path would be as easily defined, or after a few (2 - 4) strands entwine one color warp threads are so many different color. This creates a contour in the form of small teeth. In the case of the large skew circuit speed line is formed from individual sites.

The technique carpet can do any line - straight, curve, circle, oval, etc. With these lines can weave complex compositions: architecture, landscapes, human figures. To do this, perform exactly the contour weave, necessarily including connections and transitions strands of two colors. So, straight curved line formed plain weave, and many decks in some places not connected to each other, formed gaps between them. Then the following prokydky block basis where no spoluchylys between the two previous prokydky thread. Similarly, weave and rounded plane. Areas with no connected colored yarns may be 2-3 prokydky. Then on the verge of different colors are formed through-crack - windows that provide additional play of light and shadow on a contour drawing.

The most difficult, the most common in Ukraine (especially in the Poltava region) weaving technique - "kruhlyannya." She concludes that the colored threads are placed in a circle, as if putting penpzlem.

In carpet weaving technique often used obvyvannya harnesses. The combination of smooth surfaces with multiple plaits wrapped in the plane of the carpet gives a nice grid. We can distinguish some parts drawing color. Working in this technique, we must firmly and tightly wrapped rod warp. Obvyvannya will loose perforated structure of the product.

The technique of woven strips close to obvyvannya technology harnesses. Two warp threads are interlaced alternately, forming narrow flat strip. If going to further warp, in some places, connect them with the first line, you get a beautiful openwork formed by vertical stripes. This method woven strips are used as a basic composition of the carpet and in the final part of it. Flat ribbons create a good Fringe (rim) of the product. Particularly important in this technique color solution. The dominant color gamut tapestry can continue in the final part - the fringe; the variant and contrast resolution.

Widespread in the carpet pile acquired equipment. Depending on the given length cut pile wool thread segments length of about 10 cm. Putting pile double thread, entwine her two warp between two warp trail ends worsted yarn and pull them out.

In the increasingly tapestries along with woolen threads using different fiber and even materials such as pieces of skin, beautiful grass stems. Great Cuban widespread fiber sisal, which has a beautiful golden color. In his tapestries are used to create a fluffy texture. For this single thread sisal weave the tapestry of the structure, leaving the ends free long fibers that create and fluffy.
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