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Carpets have long made mostly on horizontal looms that were in almost every village hut. For the manufacture of carpets and tapestries need the following tools and materials: machine (vertical or horizontal) or frame, wooden hammer or a large fork punchings decks and yarn.

Handmade carpet based on the intersection of warp.

For foundations are cotton or linen yarn dyed raw not (base not involved in the composition of color of a carpet). Use a variety of yarn - wool, silk, linen, sisal (sisal fiber Cuban plants), various synthetic yarn. Color weave as "veiled" completely covers the warp. Colored threads that weave a certain scheme different weaves, form drawing.

Woven carpets used a variety of weave, creating beautiful game textures. First and foremost weave - plain when the thread through one warp thread overwrites it is from the top, bottom, forming a small scar. The larger scar is formed when the foundation block every two threads. If one thread of dark color with light alternate thread is formed vertical stripes as columns.
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