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The process of creating a skier

The process of making bedsores consists of several stages. Everything starts from wool preparation. It is washed, dried, rolled, and only then yarn out of it.
How to spin correctly. With one hand, you must collect the fiber of the wool and skip it thinner, then a little more on the spindle, which spins from the little finger to the thumb. The spindle rotates so fast that it takes time to watch how the wool bag turns into thick threads-even. Already wrapped yarn is called a moth, because it is wound on a special device - a reel. Boots can be immersed in boiling water if necessary, soaked and painted in different colors.
From the woolen thin threads, the foundation is made, and here begins the work - a mistress hears the clerk:
On the gate there is a wounded base, the base of this - also woolen. Each string has its own nest, and these threads are recruited so occasionally on two parts of the gate: one, the second, one, the second, the one, the second - so from the edge to the edge, and these threads are tied to the foot. Footprints - from the word "leg". They need to press foot on them. They regulate the state of the base, one goes down, the other rises. There is such a large trench where we put these rough threads, coins. They should be stretched through the base. Now one foot is released, a part of the base has risen upwards, threads crossed. Then we nail the lodge so much so that there was a loud knock. To nail it is necessary strongly, that the bed was strong, and for this, for the very first time - the basis, if the foundation is thick, then the bed is "tight".


The crib immediately after the machine is called naked. They do not use it yet, because the base is still liquid, threads can fly out. And in order that the bed was knocked down, strong and long served masters, it should be "given" to the roller. The woven cloth is placed in a tub, where it lies between three and eight hours. Under the force of water that falls with great force, the fibers fall together, the width of the bedding is reduced by about 40 centimeters, but the fabric becomes solid and firm, and from the outside there is a slight pile.
Then the bed is dressed. This is a hard and monotonous work. It takes several hours to work with a special large comb. Optionally, you can comb the pile from one or two sides. After scratching, the bed becomes fluffy and softer to the touch.


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