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Village on our Ukraine,
As if the village easter ...

So genius Taras Shevchenko compares the beauty and charm of his native land with Easter eggs that were anciently synonymous homeland, strength and indestructibility of our people. Easter egg - a symbol of Ukraine, the memory of his native land, native land, in the land of charm.


Although common motifs and genres Easter eggs in Hutsulia stanovylysya centuries and are deeply rooted in folk art. But that does not mean that art has a unique pattern of Easter eggs. There's every village, every talented master pysankar, makes this area something different, original, original Hutsul enriching this art form.

4f16a9d4c17d5Glorious center of Easter eggs in Hutsulia was Kosmach, because there just were unfavorable conditions for agriculture. Pysanka in Hutsulia - it was not simply an expression of love for this art, and often livelihood. Especially women GUTSULKA spetsiyalizuvalysya in this area i often have large families prop to help maintain male mtn family and create at least some minimal welfare.

Kosmatski masters Easter eggs achieved a great artistic perfection and once famous for a Gutsulschinu. Easter eggs here were extremely miniyaturnyy pattern of pale golden-orange kolorytom. At the time of Polish occupation Hutsul smart profiteers and speculators amassed large estates on kosmatskyh egg. They bought their mass and exported to various countries in Europe and overseas, and hutsuly performing this work, naymizernishu received payment for their work.

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