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Leather goods

Leather goods - a subdivision of a complex of folk arts crafts, which is engaged in the manufacture of leather goods, fur and sewing of clothes for the purpose of their use in everyday life, ceremonial traditions, folk art and as objects of decorative and applied arts.
The specialist, who repairs the skin and sews from her products - is called a fur coat, a shoemaker, and his craft - furry, shawl.
Leather goods, as part of a complex of folk arts crafts, depending on the functional purpose of leather products, are divided into fur-coat (production of casings, jackets, caps, etc.) and shoe (pajamas, boots, boots).
Hutsul's artistic leather goods are exclusively used. By function and method of manufacturing them can be divided into the following groups:
a) top fur garments and hats (jackets and jackets);
b) shoes (stools, boots and boots);
c) an addition to the clothes (belts, bags of a toboggan, wallets, etc.);
d) horse harnesses.


In Hutsulshchina, two types of shoes are made - boots and boots. Podols were the main hutsuls shoes. Soles - soft Hutsul shoe from a whole piece of leather without a sewing sole, which is worn with the brooches, tied to the ropes with legs.
They make and wear staves to the festive system in Kosmach, Rivers, Yavorov, Brusturakh, Golovakh, Snowmen, Sokolivtsi, Babyn, Shepot, Prokurava, Zamagori, Zeleny, Dzembron, Krasnoyalli.
In addition to the posts in the province, and made boots, which served as a sign of wealth and took them to the festive system. But due to the complexity of the mountainous terrain and the peculiarities of the mountain paths, there were more used posts.
Hutsul masters from the villages of the River, Snow Maiden, Brusturi, Shepot, Utorop, village. Verhoviny, Krasnoylov made belts of cherries, bags of tobaccos. Hutsulskye skulls are wide 35-40 cm belts of one thick or two sewn-up skin, which are locked into five-seven-nine buckles.
In addition to the stems, belt belts were made, decorated with metal ornaments worn by women and men. To them touches purses, chains with cradles.
The main centers for the production of artistic leather goods. Employed in the production of 68 masters. In each of the settlements, the items differ in ornament, form, length and color.
Today, the Hutsulshchyna is almost the only region in Ukraine where home-grown home-made masters live and work. In the Hutsul villages you can still find a shoemaker or a fur coat, which, following the tradition, makes custom hats, lapels, belts.
Several centers of folk leather manufacturing, characterized by artistic features, were formed in Hutsul region. Artistic leather goods are an interesting phenomenon of Ukrainian culture.

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