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Hutsul clothes

The manufacture of clothing is a branch of the artistic textile and furry industry engaged in the manufacture of clothing for the purpose of its use in everyday life, ritual traditions, folk art and as objects of decorative and applied arts.
Hutsul's clothing is a complete set of clothing that includes linen, shirts, hats, outerwear and other items from fabrics, knitwear, fur, leather and other materials.
In the structure of clothing manufacturing in Halytska Hutsulshchyna it is possible to distinguish between gowns, shoulder dresses, waistcoats, women's outerwear, clothing accessories, and headgear.

The apparel, in particular women's and men's shirts, is being manufactured today in Kosiv, Bileberezivsky, Brusturovsky, Iltsevsky, Kostaksky, Kryvorivnyansky, Rychkovsky, Sheshory, Yavorivskiy centers, and 14 middle ones (Babynsky, Bukovetsky, Verkhnyasenivsky, Golovyvskyi, Gorodiansky, Zamagoryevsky, Prokurava, Kutsky, Snidivsky, Sokolovsky, Tyudivsky, Chornoslavsky, Shepitsky, Yablunytsky); 20 small centers (Akreshirsky, V. Rozhensky, Verhovinskorm, Vorokhtiansky, Grinyavsky, Dovgopil, Zelensky, Krasnytsky, Krasnoylsky, Kryvopilsky, Mikulichinsky, Crossroads, Pistynsky, Roztokivsky, Usteritsky, Utoropsky, Black Stream, Yablunytsky, Yablunivskyi, Yaremchansky) and 27 points (Verkhnyoberezivsky, Lyuchivsky, Lyuchansky, M. Rozhensky, Nizhnyoberezivsky, Srednioberezivskom, Tekuchansky, Barvinkovsky, Berezhnytsky, Bistretsky, Burkutsky, Vygodivskyi, Golosh sky, Rivnyanskomu, Stebnyanskomu, Bystrytsky Bilooslavskomu, Dorivskomu, Zharivskomu, Zelensky, Klempushivskomu, Maksymetskomu, Polyanytskomu, Prychilskomu, Tatarivskomu, Chernitsky, Cheremoshnyanskomu).

Shoulder clothes. Shoulder or breastplate women's clothing almost did not differ from men's. Directly on a shirt, Hutsuls wear a breastpiece that protects and adorns the upper part of the figure.
One of the components

of folk costumes is sleeveless jackets - jackets that sew from sheep's skin. According to ornaments, coloring, and the method of laying appliqués, captresses in Hutsulshchyna are divided into Kosiv, Verkhovyna, Kostak, Delyatin, Vorhityan. Verhovinskie captresses are embroidered with colorful woolen laces with the advantage of green color. The decorations of the Pestinian, Yavoriv and Kosiv captresses are placed in such a way as to emphasize their design.
The edges of the captresses are framed by a black sheep's stomach. The captains of Nadvirna Rayon, in particular the Delyatinschiny, are decorated with patterns of colored silk threads and metal beading. Babynsky, river, and Sokolivskie are distinguished by a peculiar ornament and color.
In the Babini village the technique of sewing wool cords and embroidery of relief lines is prevailing. The main material of decoration of capers with. Rivers are threads that are embroidered with a simple ornament, enriching patterns with colorful woolen buttons.
Capri with Folk music by the cut and the ornaments are called with the Babyns and rivers.


Blooming clothes (stock, belt, wicker). One of the most ancient of its types is unbreakable waistband - stockings. The stock consists of two longitudinal sheets, mainly of wool fabric, with ties in the upper part. Dressed on top of the shirt in front and behind so that the luminescence through which the shirt looks is on both sides.
At conducting the dissertation research it was established that waistcoats are made in 15 settlements and 76 people are employed in production.
On the territory of the region, the manufacture of outerwear is presented in Kosiv, Bileberezivsky, Brusturovsky, Iltsevsky, Kosmak, Kryvorivnyanskyy large centers, 7 medium, 9 small and 8 points. He is engaged in the manufacture of outerwear 101 master.
Addition to clothing is the manufacture of knitted socks - "slippers". Skirts are embroidered with woolen threads. In each center and point there are craftsmen who knit them out of colored wool.
Production of hats is represented by two types: riveting and craft. Klepanya - a winter hatchets' cap of red or dark blue cloth, trimmed with sheepskin and felted with fox fur.
Kresanaya - a black felt hat and hutsul.
Today, the main centers of production of hats have been Krasnoyalla, Kryvopillia, Kryvorivnya and Kosiv.


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