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003Huzulschyna - one of the few oases that have not undergone assimilation no matter what mode. Bright national originality decorative works vzhytkovyh Hutsul craftsmen clearly revealed itself as during the Austro-Hungarian, Polish gentry, and during the communist regime. Therefore we can say about the persistence of people's souls, which was formed over the years, created his inner world and aesthetic presentation in constant communion with nature, which put in the eyes of the guest throughout unique beauty.

Nature, which seems to be merged mtn life, gave him a sense of beauty and desire to make their work more vivid and joyful.

Go to the Hutsul house, and you'll be amazed personal taste, which made things surrounding its inhabitants. Already in the hallway (chorus) attracts originality sickles, scythes, barrels, bodenok, diynyts - the original satellites peasant life. Upon entering room, you will see in the front corner against the windows, big thing that bounces luster glazed tiles. His paintings are common with ceramic dishes placed on the shelves and cabinets mysnyku above the door. Fluffy colorful Blankets of wool, embroidered table cloth, woven track that is in harmony with dark walls planes. Table, wardrobe, mysnyk decorated thin thread. And even modern subjects do not make disharmony in the traditional Hutsul interior.

Huzulschyna - like a coveted land, preserved other Slavic peoples lost precious to art history traits ancestors.

This region has given us such prominent artists, including art woodworking: George Basil, Nicholas Shkribliak, George and seeds Korpanyuk, masters of metal: Medvidchuk family and Fyodor, Rotary Dubchak, ceramics: Alex Bakhmatyuk, Pauline Tsvilyk, spouses Zarytskyh and many more weavers vyshyvalnykiv, easter ditch masters cheese and other products.

Each master has put in his works talent. In works of Hutsul folk artists severity of acute form, the logic of its construction, the beauty of the material. Creating artware, craftsmen using natural materials: wood, clay, flax, hemp, vine, etc. They very well know and feel characteristics and properties sought in the works fully reproduce and display them. In plastic and impressive paintings many forms of plant and animal life, and especially - bright, impressive human form.
Studying the works of Ukrainian Hutsul provides much valuable for contemporary art practice. Traditions Folk Art enriches contemporary art masters, revealing their new and exciting opportunities.

It is impossible to overstate the educational impact that had on the audience supreme examples of Hutsul masters. They not only form the aesthetic tastes, the ability to see the beauty around him, to perceive the world in eternal harmony, but also to awaken interest in the history of the Ukraine, the desire to study more deeply the culture of their region.

Folk art has always been the art of living, in keeping with the times. At each point in history it has always been part of the people. Yarke, cheerful, original, made master in relation to ancient traditions, folk art has always expressed the spirit, character and world power of the people.

Folk Art Center in Ukraine for a long time Huzulschyna is rich and generous land Carpathian talents.

Those who visited the Carpathians, felt the breath of the mountains, admiring the scenery and sights of nature, listening to melodious sound of crystal streams and waterfalls - immediately understand where it came from such a rich color palette of handicrafts artisans such subtle forms, and these are different and unique ornaments.

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