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Pysanka - industry folk crafts engaged in natural or painted decorative eggs to be used in ceremonial traditions, as objects of decorative art. Production of Easter eggs are Easter Egg - painted Easter chicken or decorative, simple wooden egg; symbol of the sun, rebirth, love and beauty; the object of pagan and Christian culture.

Easter eggs in Hutsulia paint mostly women and girls (pysanka) in Great forty fast before Easter. Typically, their village is a few people. In the village. Kosmachi, Kosovo district, Ivano-Frankivsk Eggs can paint almost every other villager.

In 1970 painting Easter eggs acquired the status of folk crafts in Galicia Hutsulia where still use the classic "wax" technology for applying decorative patterns on the egg. Technology painting Easter eggs with wax is not complicated. To do this, paint, wax and liyechka attached to a stick (pysachok). In the classic "wax" technology, there are other ways of making Easter eggs. There are:

• Traditional Easter eggs - painted chicken eggs or other wax technique;
• wooden Easter eggs made from pear tree, birch, maple, beech, spruce;
• malyovankas - painted wooden Easter eggs using polihro-Mnykh paints and brushes;
• Carved Eggs - Eggs carved wooden zafarbovuyutsya a one-noridnyy color, then use the bit pattern is cut out and filled with colored inks. These eggs are produced in villages River, sycamore, Brusturi, Bihor.
• Eggs from burning;
• encrusted Easter eggs made of. Kosovo villages River, sycamore, Brusturi, Bihor, Prokurava;
• Eggs with beads. Wooden model Easter eggs with glue, put ornaments, beads teaching;
• Ceramic Easter eggs made by ceramic. Carved on a potter's wheel, in the style of traditional Hutsul ceramics, ornamen-decorated and reviewing of both plant and animal motifs (m. CBS).

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