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Artistic Embroidery - sub set of folk crafts in Hutsulia that manufactures interior products, clothes and household purpose to be used in ceremonial traditions, folk art as objects of decorative art.
Embroidery - a common form of decorative art in which the pattern and the image is done by hand or by machine in different fabrics, leather and other materials linen, cotton, silk, wool threads and beads, pearls, precious stones, glitter.
Embroidered shirts, hats, peremitka, scarves, keptari, serdaky, slippers, coats and items for house decoration. Plain clothes embroidered linen and woolen mainly ruchnopryadenymy threads, and for keptariv, serdakiv, manta rays, except these threads, use the cords; peremitka embroidered wool and metallic threads; Hood - sap'yanovymy tapes and others.
For Hutsul embroidery typical plant and animal ornaments.
Ornaments for embroidery can be divided into:
- Fitomorfni (vegetable) ornaments (flowers, leaves, fruits, branches, stems);
- Zoomorphic (animal) ornaments (animals or their parts, fish, crabs, lizards);
- Ornitomorfni (bird) ornaments (birds and their parts, insects, beetles).
Embroidery in Hutsul region can be grouped according to the territorial principle of accommodation, such as: embroidery Kosivshyna, Yaremchanschiny, Nadvirna and Verkhovyna.

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