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003Huzulschyna - one of the few oases that have not undergone assimilation no matter what mode. Bright national originality decorative works vzhytkovyh Hutsul craftsmen clearly revealed itself as during the Austro-Hungarian, Polish gentry, and during the communist regime. Therefore we can say about the persistence of people's souls, which was formed over the years, created his inner world and aesthetic presentation in constant communion with nature, which put in the eyes of the guest throughout unique beauty.

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DSC_0783Huzulschyna (Polish Huculszczyzna, Slovak Huculsko) - Ukrainian ethnocultural region, an end to Ukrainian highlanders, Hutsul, located in the south-east Ukrainian Carpathians.


Huzulschyna occupies the south-eastern part of the Ukrainian Carpathians of Galicia, Bukovina, Transcarpathia, Basin year Prut and Siret with Cheremoshem, the higher Suceava, the higher Nadvirnianska Bystrica and the higher the Tisza.

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11On this land and its people is not written most of all ethnographic regions of Ukraine. Bright captured it in literature, art, cinema (story "Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors" Kotsyubynskoho film and S. Parajanov this writing, poetry, short stories and novels Fedkovych, I. Frank, G. Khotkevych rented daily , Stelmakh Polish writer S. Vincenz, numerous paintings K. Ustyyanovych, Ivan Trush, A. Kulchytska, J. Bokshay, A. Monastery, Kurylas J. et al.). Attractiveness marked majestic natural beauty of this mountainous region, proud, freedom-loving character of its inhabitants, colorful clothes, original folk art.


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